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For Landlords

Looking to turn your property into a rental investment?*  Advertise your rental home with us!


We'll post your ad on our Rental Listings page, which is viewed by incoming physicians from across the country. 


New physicians move in by July 1 every year to begin training. Advertise with us to connect with a pool of responsible and financially stable tenants, many of whom are open to multi-year lease agreements. You'll reduce vacancy costs by setting your rental on a consistent leasing cycle (July 1 to June 30). 

Annual Advertising Fee = $100


Erin also offers Tenant Placement Services, depending on the property location, time of year, and other considerations. Tenant Placement Services include marketing, showing, tenant screening, and lease drafting/signing.

Tenant Placement Fee = One Month's Rent

Contact us for details! 

"You focus on medicine. We focus on housing."
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