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Legal Services - Erin Lokhandwala, Esq.

Erin Lokhandwala, Esq. is a Maryland-licensed attorney and real estate broker, as well as a seasoned real estate investor. She graduated as valedictorian from Susquehanna University with dual degrees in Public Relations and English and earned a master's degree in Public Relations from Syracuse University. After earning a law degree from Washington and Lee University School of Law, she served as a law clerk for Justice Thomas G. Saylor of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. She is currently a freelance real estate attorney, co-owner of Lokhandwala Realty, and manager of her family's growing real estate portfolio. Erin is “Of Counsel” to (affiliated with) O’Connor, Hammel & Butler, P.A. and Mid-Atlantic Title, LLC in Towson, Maryland. She will apply her legal and experiential knowledge to guide fellow homeowners and real estate investors.


Legal Services Include: 


    • Deed Preparation

    • Recording Services (e.g. Deed, Mortgage, Deed of Trust)

    • Contract Preparation & Review

    • Title Search, Title Examination, Resolution of Title Issues

    • Judgment & Bankruptcy Searches & Resolution

    • Loan Document Preparation

    • County Deed Preparation

    • Easements & Driveway Agreement Preparation


    • LLC Articles of Organization & Operating Agreements

    • Deed Preparation (Transfers to/from LLCs)

    • Assignments of Ownership/Membership Interest

    • SDAT Registration

    • EIN Registration (with IRS)

Contact Erin for a free 30-minute consultation.

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